Apsfilter is the number one magic filter for printing under Unix environment. What does apsfilter stand for ? Apsfilter Prints So Fine, It Leads To Extraordinary Results ;-) Its highly configurable and most flexible by global and printer dependend config files and allowing users to choose between different print options with lpr on the commandline to get easy control over layout, speed and quality of the printing process. Apsfilter runs on all flavours of Unix which have at least the original BSD compatible lpd(8) or LPRng installed as line printer scheduler. Apsfilter supports PS (Postscript) printer and non-PS capable printer by using Ghostscript as PS emulator. So if you have a non-expensive color DeskJet printer, Apsfilter and Ghostscript enhance your printers capabilities, that you'll get a Color Postscript Printer in return for free ! Printing on locally connected (serial, parallel, USB) and on network printer like Unix-, Windows-, Novell and AppleTalk remote printer is supported.

Audio Processing: The newest version is also capable of playing different audio file formats. Then the lineprinter scheduler acts as a local or remote music jukebox.

Full control over printing process by easy guessable commandline options. You can mix different file types on the commandline no matter if they are compressed or not. Example: lpr -C photo:glossy:color file.ps.bz2 file.dvi.gz file.jpg

New tools: aps2file allows you to print to a file via apsfilter, apspreview previews files as generated by apsfilter using gv, kghostview or ghostview, apsfilter-bug assists you in doing bug- and problem reports.

Easy integration into applications since lpr can be executed with a lot of options (see below) that influence quality, style and layout of the printing process.

File type support: 11 archive formats for which it generates a list of contents (ar, arc, arj, Microsoft cab, cpio, lha, rar, rpm, tar, zip, zoo), 6 compression types which apsfilter automatically unpacks to autodetect the file type (bzip2, compress, freeze, gzip, lzop, pack), 34 file types which it recognizes automatically even if compressed, see above (ascii, bmp, dvi, fbm, fig, fits, gif, g3fax, html, iff ilbm, jpeg, Kodak photo, mgr, miff, pam, pgm, pbm, pnm, ppm, pdf, png, PS, rle, sgi, sketch, sunraster, targa, tiff, roff, Windows wmf, Word Perfect graphics, xcf, xpm, xwd). Audio file formats MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wave.

Other outstanding capabilities of apsfilter are duplex printing capabilities with PS printer, printer driven by ghostscript (if supported by gs driver) and a so called pseudo duplex mode that works with all printers. You get a magic cookie via e-mail, which allows you to easily restart the printing process after turning around the paper.

Over 40 Apsfilter (lpr -C/Z) commandline options: Quality: draft, low, medium, high, photo, uni | bi (-directional sweeps), Paper: plain, coated, glossy, premium, trans, Color: color, gray, mono, Method: auto, ascii (force text mode), raw (uninterpreted), Paper size: a3, a4, legal, ledger, tabloid, Filter for texts: a2ps, mpage, enscript, recode, Printer tray: tray0..tray9, Style for ascii: pretty, header, noheader, border, noborder (incluences options used for a2ps and friends), Pages per sheet: 1pps, 2pps, 4pps, 8pps, Orientation: landscape, portrait, book, shortbind, longbind, Duplex printing: simplex, duplex, Time- and CPU saver: copies=N.

FreeBSD port update13 Jun 2007

Updated FreeBSD port, fixed port dependency (now tgif) See PR 113549. Also fixed FreeBSD ports system's configure script for apsfilter, which failed when ${GHOSTSCRIPT_PORT} was already set to the nox11 version.

Apsfilter update to 7.2.820 Feb 2006

Apsfilter feature release. See ChangeLog. Enables Apsfilter to play audio files. So the lineprinter scheduler becomes the job of a music jukebox.

List of supported audio file types: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wave.

FreeBSD port will be updated soon.

Playing music on a central sound server feeded by several print clients in the network is untested but should be possible. Would be nice to get some feedback on this.

Hint: the audio processing must take place where the soundcard resides. So the remote print job sends the file "as is" to the remote print queue, where finally tools like mpg321 do their job.

Apsfilter update to 7.2.720 Feb 2006

Apsfilter bugfix release. See ChangeLog.

FreeBSD port will be updated asap.

Call for developers13 Feb 2005

Looking for volunteers for further apsfilter development due to lack of time. Areas that need improvement are: easier installation and driver update mechanisms.

If you are good in writing shell scripts and know how to use CVS please contact Andreas Klemm .

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