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Our motto: You're used to work hard for the business, but sometimes you need something for the soul ;-)

This picture shows me with my old Ibanez Explorer. For recording it has been completely replaced by my new Les Paul.


64Bits MPG3 Archive
"Rock Ballade" dedicated to a sweetheart.
"Rock Ballade" with vocals, best worked out song.
Comfortably Numb9.6M
Originally from a Pink Floyd concert. We use it to stretch our fingers ;-)
It ends a bit rough. Sorry, didn't have time yet, to change this.
A taste of ZZ-Top.
A 2nd taste of ZZ-Top. Ends a little bit rough as well, so it sounds life ;-)
Andreas solo, jammed at home
Andreas solo, jammed at home

My new Les Paul+ (AAA), honey burst, from '95.

It looks like the Les Paul from Jimmy Page on the Led Zeppelin Album "The Song Remains the Same", please enjoy the pictures ;-)

Les Paul 1

Les Paul 2

Les Paul 3

Les Paul 4

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