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Donations, Project Funding
Apsfilter requires funds to operate due to hardware upgrade issues everyone experiences and other issues that might come up.

Other projects sell CDROMs, but this isn't an option for apsfilter, since nobody would buy a CDROM with less then 1 MB software on it.

So if you like to make hardware or money donations, feel free to send me a cheque or hardware. Below you see a list of things we currently need.

Please contact me via e-mail to get conto or postal address.

In return I will put you onto our official list of Apsfilter Sponsors.

Concerning cheques: please make the cheque out to "Andreas Klemm", since I cannot cash cheques made out to "Apsfilter".

While donations are not US tax deductable as charible contribution, they may be deductable as an operating expense, and if someone is so inclined, they should ask for the advice of their accountant. The same applies to other countries, where corporations can make deductable donations under the terms of "Good Will".

Needed Hardware
Postscript printer (b/w) as reference for testing and additional PS features.

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