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Apsfilter Production (STABLE) Release
apsfilter-7.2.8.tar.gz [md5] or364413 bytes
apsfilter-7.2.8.tar.bz2 [md5]310587 bytes
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This is the apsfilter STABLE release.
Download this release for production environment.
Please download and apply patches if available !
Report problems and comments to apsfilter-stable@apsfilter.org mailinglist.

Handbook (stable release)

CVS Repository RELENG_7 branch

Apsfilter Developement (SNAPSHOT) Release
apsfilter-current-09.07.2006.tar.gz [md5] or377405 bytes
apsfilter-current-09.07.2006.tar.bz2 [md5]305815 bytes
none0 bytes
This is the apsfilter-current developer release.
This SNAPSHOT release will become the new apsfilter version.
Please test this experimental version and give us your feedback.
Usually even this new stuff is working well, but please don't
blame us, if you expect problems in production environment.
Report problems and comments to apsfilter-current@apsfilter.org mailinglist.

Handbook (developement release)

CVS Repository HEAD branch

Additional informations: Apsfilter CVS repository browser .

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