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Apsfilter Sponsors
Plus.Line is providing IP connectivity and housing for the Apsfilter.org server.
VIA NET.WORKShttp://www.vianetworks.de/
VIA NET.WORKS (formerly DPN) is so kind to continue sponsoring the apsfilter.org domain.
Deutsches Provider Network (DPN)http://www.dpn.de/
DPN was so kind to sponsor the apsfilter.org domain.
Cosmo Projecthttp://www.cosmo-project.de/
Apsfilter.org runs on the FreeBSD ALPHA server of the cosmo project.
H&M Software-Netzwerktechnik-GmbHhttp://www.hmsoftware.com/
Michael Lechner, CEO of H&M Software-Netzwerktechnik-GmbH, sponsored apsfilter project by donating a Mustek scanner. Many thanks for the hardware donation.
Universe Architecture and Engineering Ltd.http://www.universe-architecture.com
Donated a new mainboard. Thanks a lot.

BTW they are 1&1 reseller and offer a nice working webshop. Tip: The Conrad Electronic shop there has its 80th birthday. They offer everything to a reduced price. You can get from Conrad shop a lot of nice computer and printer devices, toner, inc, re-fill ink, good quality DVD player with computer DVD drives from Mustek that are capable of reading all formats reliable. Check it out !

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